At 3RGONOMICS we manufacture keys for mechanical keyboards that have textures, heights and differential methods for greater precision and speed in the game and to give you a unique in-game experience. We have taken every detail into account to offer you a product that truly suits you.

With our keys, you will be able to play faster and more accurately , differentiating one key from the other without making mistakes. Imagine the competitive advantage you will have against your rivals without having to look at your keyboard.

At 3rgonomics, we strive every day to offer products that exceed your expectations. We care about the satisfaction of our clients and we work to ensure it.

The goal of 3rgonomics is to offer a faster, more precise and innovative gaming experience , with the technology we have at hand. With this you will improve your performance compared to your rivals!

In the following video you will see WHY? the how? and the WHAT? of the creation of 3RGONOMICS .